The PocketJet is one of the smallest portable printer in the world. Even with accessories, it is small enough to fit into the available space in your briefcase or PC carry bag. Once you see it, you will understand why many people say, "I can't believe this is a full-page printer."


The PocketJet is also one of the world's lightest printer. It weighs only 17.53 ounces, including the battery. But don't let the PocketJet's size and weight fool you, its practical design and durable construction are well suited for constant on-the-road use.


You will notice that something is missing from the PocketJet ship set....special printer drivers. It doesn't need them! The PocketJet's HP® LaserJet IIP ( PCL4 emulation lets you print from all your Windows®, DOS and OS/2® applications just like you do on your office printer. So your days of installing special printer drivers are finally over!


The PocketJet comes with everything you need to start printing right out of the box. Since there are no additional or essential components (like batteries or interface cables) to buy, you always know your true system cost. The complete PocketJet system includes the printer, rechargeable battery, AC adapter/recharger, power cord, Parallel interface cable, thermal paper, carrying case and documentation.


Whether you are in a clients office or finishing up one last memo before you call it a night, you shouldn't have to waste time waiting for your files to print. The PocketJet's three page-per-minute print speed makes it the fastest portable going, so you will be heading off to your next appointment or dream land all the sooner.


Some portable printers claim to have laser-quality output, but when their ink hits the page, the actual results may be less than spectacular. Our direct thermal print technology produces crisp, 300 X 300 dpi text and graphics that you will be proud to put in front of a customer or prospect.


The true cost of ownership is initial price plus ongoing cost of operation. The PocketJet does not use expensive ink cartridges or ribbons, the only consumable is the paper. So whether you're printing a light text or heavy graphics file, your true cost-per-page will never be more than an affordable 8¢


The PocketJet has received high praise from PC Magazine (Editor's Choice 1995 and 1996), Mobile Office ( Best of Year), PC Laptop Computer Magazine (Editor's Choice) , and the Consumer Electronics Show (1995 Design & Engineering Honors).

Wireless Printing

Some models are equipped for printing without wires or cables using the PocketJet infrared adapter and an infrared module on your host computer.


Enhanse your PocketJet system by ordering one or more of the following accessories:

We can supply a third party cable to connect to the HP Palmtop Computers

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