In 1983 I drafted an ordinance restricting the sale of lockpicks and openers . Prior to that there were instances of store having sales of slim Jims and other openers to the general public. In one county a couple of off duty Sheriffs's deputies sold car openers and ignition pullers in the parking lot of a High School. In other words they sold kids the tools they needed to steal cars. I originally wrote this as a first draft of an announcement of the city ordinance.

od made the world in six days and rested on the seventh. He made man on the sixth day (when he was tired)

On the seventh day God rested and man picked fruit. Fellow Man came along and mugged Man for the fruit. Man then went back to his cave and invented the door and the lock. That evening Fellow Man went to Man's cave looking for more fruit. Seeing Man's door and lock, Fellow Man sat down and invented the lock pick and the midnight caper. Fellow Man has been capering ever since. Man then invented the better lock; and Fellow Man invented the better lock pick. They have been in a race since the first day. Man prospered inspite of Fellow Man. Soon he produced more than he could use himself and invented barter to obtain goods he could not produce himself. Barter proved unsatisfactory, so Man invented money to facilitate commerce. This delighted Fellow Man who could steal money (which is easier to carry ) instead of property. It also allowed Fellow Man to invent the FENCE . This allowed him to sell stolen property for which he himself had no use. Finally Man invented the burglar alarm; and Fellow Man invented the jumper cable. Now in 1983 in San Francisco Man has taken another small step forward. He has decided to stop helping his Fellow Man. No longer will Fellow Man be able to buy the tools of his profession on every street corner. San Francisco has enacted an ordinance restricting and registering the sale of lock picks and car openers. One small step forward for Man one small step backward for Fellow Man.

P.S.: Some men in reading the Bible notice the phrase "God made Man" and do not realize this refers to mankind. They think it means the male of the species. They then presume that it is their God given duty to make woman; and they try to put the make on every woman they meet. I also want to point out that this is a history , not a modern Fairy Tale. Modern Fairy Tales always start out with "I have to work late at the office , Dear."

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